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Efiko VIN Decoder

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Learn all about VIN decoding at Efiko. Our thorough and informative vehicle database makes it easier than ever to learn what the various parts of a VIN mean, how you can find your VIN, and much more.

So what does a VIN consist of? It's actually a simple 17 character string, with the following components:

  1. WMI (World Manufacturer Identifer). The first 3 characters of the VIN tell you where the vehicle was manufacturer and which company made it.
  2. VDS (Vehicle Description Section). The next 5 characters tell you the engine, model, type of vehicle (e.g. sedan, motorcycle, pickup, etc.), and other specs.
  3. The 9th character (always a number) is the check digit, which lets you quickly detect an invalid VIN.
  4. The 10th character signified the model year.
  5. Characters 11 through 17 are the VIS (Vehicle Identifer Section), or the series. These uniquely identify the vehicle itself, the plant it was made at, and other proprietary information specific to each manufacturer.

So there you have it. No VIN decoding question is too difficult for Efiko. We bank on an extensive array of knowledge to help you understand all you need to know about vehicle identification numbers, as well as what they're good for.